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2017 | 13 songs, 59 min

Automatic Wine Up

by Chillaa, 2017 | 10 songs

Who is the man?

Chillaa is a 24-year-old multifaceted artist from Mississauga, Canada who showcases a dazzling combination of timeless and next-level music. His body of work to date is impressive and features ambient hip-hop, reggae, pop with beats that vary from tropical to expansive. With his distinctive smoky vocals, swirling synths and catchy hooks he makes music where you just want to turn that dial button up and up.

He flaunts his talents exploring various types of genres, sounds, styles, beats, and production, but somehow they all come together to create something very easy to listen to and immerse yourself in. Chillaa knows how to take his listeners on a journey. As a producer, he is high-concept and forward thinking. Simply put, he makes music worth listening to and has an incredible palette of sound.

Chillaa finished high school in 2012 and changed direction a few times until in 2015 he decided to attend a music school called Metalworks studying APE (Audio Production & Engineering). It was during this time he made many contacts, including Ramriddlz and NAV, and focused his direction. In 2016, after dedicating a year purely to production, Chillaa decided to record his own music and the first track he released was ‘Bad Gal Like RiRi’. Inspired by frequent trips to Jamaica and the slang used to describe women’s bodies ‘Bad Gal Like RiRi’ is an anthem of our times with lyrics dropping in a Kardashian and of course RiRi. The track is sexy and sultry, but most of all fun and exudes good times and good feelings.

The finished product was sent to Drake’s Manager Oliver who replied to Chillaa to say “Bad Gal Like RiRi is a movie” and shortly after that Drake was spinning on OVO Radio Episode 14 where he premiered his single ‘Work Ft. Rihanna’ and then played Chillaa’s single immediately after. The song was also co-signed by Pitbull, Major Lazer, Twenty One Pilots and many more.

Chillaa then released ‘Automatic Wine Up’ which he fully produced and soon after he premiered the ‘Stop This’ single and accompanying music video. Chillaa is currently working on his next solo project and visuals which will highlight his emergence in the music industry and the steps that led him to where he is today. He says of the new project, “The influence behind this project comes from my hunger to the one of the best to ever make music and I know through smart work and dedication it will be known sooner rather than later.

Chillaa is also expanding his SoSeriuz record label and production house which features “Nemesis”, an artist from Jamaica and his sister, DJ Rosegold. Chillaa plans to build the SoSeriuz brand which will take the music industry by storm. A lot of projects and visuals are in the works, more people will be joining the label soon and official announcements on these will be made in the future.  

Chillaa’s next project will be a game changer and he is excited to share this one with the world!

Chillaa has been championed and featured on:

OVO Radio
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Major Lazer Radio
G 98.7FM
Flow 93.5
Complex Music Blog

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